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The following are some common rock types and their best uses. During planning, however, use the experience and knowledge of Creative Rockeries to recommend the most job appropriate material.


  • Basalt is a local rock with earth-tone colors and is used primarily for rock retaining walls, outcroppings, 1-man walls, and alpine rockeries. (More)


  • Limestone's unique light coloring with dark gray highlights make it the most commonly used material for large rockeries. (More)


  • Granite is a naturally weathered, soft-looking rock. Granite's earth-tone colors make it a great rock for alpine outcroppings, decorative settings, and 1-man walls. (More)

Before starting any rock project, contact Creative Rockeries to ensure you're getting the best quality, price, and guarantee. Creative Rockeries has a five-year guarantee on placement of rocks. Call (206) 362-2050 to learn more about our labor warranty.