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:: About Outcroppings
Each outcropping is slightly different, creating varying exposures and microclimates which enable different plants to thrive. There are rock garden styles to suit every taste, however care must be taken that the style chosen suits the site. A mound of rocks rising out of nowhere will look very place in a grassy lawn. Flat, craggy limestone, while attractive, will not suit a yard dominated by a fieldstone house. A rock garden is essentially a re-creation of a mountain slope. You want to create it on a scale that suits your growing space.


Outcrop is a geological term referring to the appearance of bedrock or superficial deposits exposed at the surface of the Earth. In most places the bedrock or superficial deposits are covered by a mantle of soil and vegetation and cannot be seen or examined closely. However in places where the overlying cover is removed through erosion, the rock may be exposed, or crop out.

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Granite Accent Outcroppings 

Granite Outcrop & Steps w/Alpine