Creative Rockeries
:: About Hand Set Rockeries
There are many reasons for building a rock garden. Rockeries are an easy to reduce lawn are on a hard-to-mow slope. They can re-create a piece of nature. They can add an element to an otherwise flat landscape. An ideal place for a collection of delicate alpine plants. They perfect for highlighting less delicate but tiny plants that would otherwise go unnoticed.

A properly designed rock garden requires little maintenance. Most rock garden plants need little if any watering, fertilizer or pruning. The main task is weeding, and this can be reduced by making sure all perennial weeds are removed from both the site and any soil being added.


Hand set rockeries are composed of what is known as "One Man Rock" and each stone is placed by hand rather than by machine. This allow for more precision placement of small stone walls.

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One Man Rock Wall Using Basalt

1 Man Wall Restoration Using Basalt