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Why Rock Not Block?

A rockery can be a stunning feature of a garden, complementing cascading waterways or providing a back drop for plants and shrubs. The finished product will look far more natural if time is taken at the outset to carefully position the placement of each of your stones. Rockeries can be made to fit any space available. If you don�t have the room for a large rockery, you can create a good result with the create use of shrubs and just a few strategically placed rocks.

The artful application of landscaping stone could enhance the natural elements that you've already employed -- namely, your plants, or softscape. And the aesthetic and functional use of stone can even raise the value of your property.

Since 1974

Locally owned and operated since 1974, Creative Rockeries is a quality rock company, serving Western Washington. With services ranging from retaining walls and outcroppings to excavation and topsoil installation, no residential or commercial job is too large or too small.

Why Choose Creative Rockeries

Creative Rockeries is not just a "Me Too" startup rockery company that decided to get in on the current popularity of stonework. We have been in business since 1976, over 30 years with its founder, Bill Price at the helm. Far longer than most other hardscape companies in Washington. Creative Rockeries has a five-year guarantee on placement of rocks.  Contact Creative Rockeries

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